Technology Plan


  • Support and accelerate academic achievement.
  • Develop instructional practices utilizing new and proven technologies.
  • Incorporate tectechnology goals emphasize a theme of participation, collaboration and communication amongst schools, parents and business. The following technology goals incorporate the theme and address the need to use technology as a tool for enhancing teaching and learning. Goals for this technology plan are technology in the research, development and management of district facilities and programs.
  • Extend the classroom into the community and multiple devices for anytime anywhere learning.
  • Provide quality education through commitment to continuously improve.
  • Integrate technology into the academic content areas.
  • Provide current and consistent information to parents and the community.

The Delhi Unified School District will provide a learning environment that uses the best resources available to motivate all students to become life-long learners who are responsible and productive citizens in a global society. These resources must include technology.

When technology becomes a seamless tool for enhancing lifelong learning, the entire community will benefit. Technology enriched instruction and access to information encourages students to develop higher order thinking skills for analyzing, evaluating and solving today's challenging problems. The ability to interact with others via electronic communication literally invites students, parents and teachers to inquire and exchange information and ideas.

This technology plan offers a truly exciting learning environment. On-line resources for all members of the school community will enhance their ability to collaborate in the teaching and learning process. For example, teachers will be able to post course outlines, unit plans and homework assignments for viewing by students and parents. All pupils, including but not limited to GATE, EL (English Learners), Special Ed, and Migrant Ed students, will be able to research and synthesize support for individual and group-prepared written work and other exhibitions. Parents will be able to review their student's progress through the use of a secure teacher/parent communication system.

Please download the complete technology plan here: DUSD Tech Plan 12-17 vision