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Curriculum Resources

Welcome to the DUSD Teacher Portal for District Adopted Curriculum, training, and Resources.
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Delhi High School and Delhi Middle School 
 Digital Curriculum


  • Pearson’s Realize - 9th-11th grade ELA
      2. Teacher Self-Registration
        1. School Code = Contact Site Administrator
      3. Getting Started Guide
        1. Create Classes
        2. Find Content
        3. Access Data
      4. Manage Assignments & Classes
      5. More Training Guides & Video Tutorials  
        • *Note the first time you login to, you need to create an account. This is separate from your EasyBridge account and is used only for accessing training materials.
      6. Pearson Technical support department: 1-800-234-5832
  • HMH: Go Math (7th-8th MATH) / Integrated Math (I, II, III 9th-11th MATH) /
    2. Add Classes
    3. Add Students to Classes
    4. Teacher Dashboard Quick Guide
    5. Creating Assignments
    6. More Training Guides & Tutorials
    7. Logging in for Students
    8. Contacts For:
      1. Delhi High and Delhi Middle- the McCandless Library Staff
        1. Teacher Log-ins
        2. Curriculum needing to be assigned to teacher
    1. “Go Math” Resources
    2. “Integrated Math” Resources

DUSD Elementary TK-6th Grade
Digital Curriculum
I. Benchmark - ELA
A. Apply filters to the Library - Filter by Unit, Week, etc..
B. Create a Bookshelf - Organize books for specific learning activities
C. Edit a Bookshelf - Change Name, Delete Books or Bookshelves. 
F. ePlanner - Tool that contains all of the instructional units from Benchmark. Create, manage, customize, print, and share with other teachers.
i. Create a Plan - Create a new plan by specifying a grade level, class, and start date.
ii. Move a Lesson - Move a lesson in the same day, to a different weekday, or week
G. eBooks - Read-aloud resources you can add pages, notes, shapes, text, bookmarks and links to enhance your lessons
H. Contacts For:
i.Schendel - Sylvia Placencia or Bianca Valencia
ii.El Capitan - Sandra Rodriguez 
iii.Harmony - Maria Hernandez 
    1. Teacher Log-ins
    2. Curriculum needing to be assigned to teacher
II. HMH: Go Math (TK-6th MATH)
H. Contacts For:
i. Schendel - Sylvia Placencia or Bianca Valencia
ii. El Capitan - Sandra Rodriguez 
iii. Harmony - Maria Hernandez 
1. Teacher Log-ins
2. Curriculum needing to be assigned to teacher
III. AR Renaissance 2nd - 8th

Pearson RealizeHolt McDougal     
Integrated Math   
Benchmark Edu    Think Central   
Earbud use and replacement information