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The Curriculum and Instruction department directly supports and monitors student academic achievement district-wide. Students in the Delhi Unified School District are exposed to a rigorous California Standards-based instruction (standards, assessments, curriculum, instruction, instructional materials, and intervention) aligned with the core subject areas of Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies/History.

Curriculum is essentially the roadmap for learning, concentrating on 21st Century knowledge and skills. Instruction is the means by which learning will be achieved. The primary function of our department is determining what skills and concepts, based on the California State Standards, must be taught (Curriculum) as well as how effective teaching strategies are delivered to transfer that knowledge to the students (Instruction).

Assistance and guidance is provided to all school sites in a collaborative format to ensure that everyone is focused on the success of all students. Students that need special assistance to support individual needs may qualify for programs that include English Learners for all levels, special education, and support/intervention classes in Language Arts and Math.  Before, during, and after school tutoring is available in all core content areas on a regular basis.

Just some of the areas Curriculum and Instruction oversees are: English Language Learner programs, District-wide Professional Development, Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA), Instructional Materials, Libraries, Textbook Adoptions, LEA Plan, Single Plans for Student Achievement, Site Categorical Budgets, as well as instructional grants ( i.e. Advanced Placement-AP) and district based committees such as DELAC.

If you would like more information, please feel free contact me.

Lizbeth Sandoval
Secretary of Curriculum and Instruction
(209) 656-2000 Ext. 1123
Adriana Cisneros
Curriculum and Instruction Clerk
(209) 656-2000 Ext. 1117