Delhi Unified School District

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Our mission is to provide human resource services to our employees, to prospective employees and to our community.   We will do so in a friendly, positive, cooperative, and helpful manner.  It is the intent of our division to ensure that our efforts are focused on what is in the best interest of our students and our staff.
The department is responsible for providing information related to credentials, health and welfare benefits, workers compensation, certificated and classified employment opportunities and applications, salary schedules, recruitment and retention, and links to personnel related sites. 
Human Resources department:
          Sharon Lampel, Director,, 656-2000 x 1119
TBD, Confidential Secretary,  TBD,  656-2000 x 1125
Juanita Delgado, General Clerk,, 656-2000 x 1122 
Human Resources Secure Fax:  (209) 656-2002