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Admin Support

You already have Admin access. You can log in while on campus or away. Your login information was provided to you with your HR paperwork. If you cannot find it, I can resend it too you. 
Here are tutorials how to use the many features of Aeries:
If you ever find you cannot do something or view something, just let me know and I will open up the permissions for you. I would love for an opportunity to sit down with you and have a training day for at least 1 hour (or more if you can) when you have a moment to go over many of the fields you will be overlooking in Aeries. 
Illuminate is our data assessment program and we are in the middle of discussions if we will keep the program or begin a new one for next year. If you would like access to Illuminate, you will need to contact Maria Alvarado for an account. Here is a tutorial of how to use the program:
Our absence program is managed by the HR department. They should have provided you with your log in information with proper permissions.
Here are some videos to help use the system as well.
Kayako is our Tech and Maintenance ticket system so you can put in requests for assistance when something needs to be fixed/attention. So you will not email IT or Maintenance directly, you will put in tickets so our departments can manage our days better and we can keep a record of how issues were resolved. Everything from needing a cord, can't open something, Aeries questions, spraying for bugs, events set up, etc...all goes through Kayako.
You will self register for the program and simply use the link on our school websites for access or keep the link bookmarked. In the welcome letter from IT, which you should have received with HR, it describes how to register. But in case it was misplaced, here are the steps.
Log into: and click Register. You will receive two emails from us. One welcoming you to Kayako and the other to confirm your e-mail. Click to confirm.
This is our communication platform with Parents and Students. We have scripts that call home for your students that are absent or have a negative balance in their lunch accounts.
Attendance calls go out twice a day, once at 10 am and again at 1pm.
You have the capability of sending personalized calls, emails, and texts to all your students at your school for events. You can even communicate specifically to a grade (ie Report Card night announcements etc..), club or activity group. There are usually one or two management accounts per site. All school, grade level and classroom information now will be sent from one centralized place to your computer or mobile phone via email and/or text or you can download the FREE app.
When you receive an invitation email or text to join ParentSquare, please click on the link to activate your account and register, It takes only a minute. This is what you need to do: Create a password and Click the box to agree to the terms
Here are the options available and tutorials how to use them:
This is our website management program. You have an account just for managing your school. Let me know when you are ready to log in and I will send you a password reset. To log in, you will go to:
Here you can add announcements to the homepage, calendar, the photo shuffle on the homepage and the scrolling marquee message. You will have access to the Students, Parents, and Principals Message page as well. You, the school staff are charged with local events (carnivals, awards ceremonies, music concerts, etc...) 
Some pages are district managed as I do most of the district wide events on all the school sites (holidays, fundraisers, staff tutorials etc..) The buttons along the bottom of the screen and the navigation across the top are all district managed and cannot be changed. 
Here is the help center if you need a tutorial:
Online Curriculum
Updated for 18-19 school Year
Elementary TK-6th Grade
Benchmark Education - Clever Portal
You will receive an email invite with a link to create an account
Contacts For Support:
i.Schendel - Sylvia Placencia or Bianca Valencia
ii.El Capitan - Sandra Rodriguez 
iii.Harmony - Maria Hernandez 
Username: tmanley
Password: nnmXFAhU1 - Please reset your password
Delhi High School and Delhi Middle School 
Pearson Realize
HMH Collections/Go Math
HMH Go Math! - Think Central Portal
Your contact for Delhi High and Delhi Middle is Allyssa Sepulveda and she can walk you through the steps and account creation if needed. Here are some resources for you as well: 
These are all the programs I can think of and where to receive help. If you need any more assistance, please let me know in the Kayako system.