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The Delhi Unified School District (DUSD) is focused on ensuring that all students achieve academic excellence and are college- and career-ready by high school graduation.We are excited to announce that this fall DUSD won an $8.1 million, five-year Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grant from the U.S. Department of Education to launch the GAINS initiative, which will help us achieve those goals. We were one of only two public school districts in California to win a TIF grant this year.


What is the GAINS initiative? 

Gains in Achievement and Innovation Now (GAINS) will improve student achievement by increasing teacher and principal effectiveness. GAINS will establish a new educator evaluation system that supports teachers across DUSD  to continually improve instructional practices.  The evaluation system has two key pieces: 

  • Student Learning Objectives. Teachers are determining learning goals for each class and student, working collaboratively with their colleagues and the principal. They are being provided with professional development to increase their expertise in analyzing data to set learning objectives; using  instructional strategies that help students achieve the objectives; and measuring student growth toward the objectives. 
  • Classroom observations.  Principals are being provided extensive training to conduct classroom observations and provide teachers with feedback focused on key aspects of effective classroom practice.  This kind of feedback addresses what teachers urgently want to know: “How am I doing?” and “How can I do better?”

Each year, educators who are rated effective or highly effective under the new evaluation system will be eligible for additional, performance-based compensation.