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Sarah Gautam is the Systems and Applications Analyst for Delhi Unified School District

Sarah was born in Turlock, California. She graduated from Delhi High School in 2003, and from Humboldt State University with a double Bachelor of Arts in History and Geography in 2008. She remained at the American Intercontinental University of Indiana to complete her Bachelors of Science degree in Application and Software Development in 2015 where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

After receiving her education, Sarah interned with a Nonprofit, SERVAS International, archiving their founders work into a created database. Her work has been accepted to be stored at the Hoover Institute Archives at Stanford. She later worked as a docent and then entry archivist for the Clarke Historical Museum in Eureka, CA.

In April 2009, Sarah began Substitute teaching in Delhi, for all schools and all grades. She continued this service until finishing her BIT when she was accepted as the Systems and Applications Analyst for Delhi Unified.

Sarah has been in her current position as System and Applications Analyst since June 2015. She manages the schools database and all associated programs within the District. She also maintains the use of the District websites, developing and growing it from its original form. She also works to train employees in the usage of program tools such as Google, website development, and Aeries.NET.

An active community member, Sarah is helps the Helping Hawks of Delhi High, teaching them how to crochet mats from plastic bags into mats for the homeless community. She has been making and donating mats since 2009. Sarah often bakes hundreds of cookies for donations to centers as well as being involved in several community clean-up programs.