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 There are many ways to evaluate student learning. DUSD is committed to the establishment of multiple measures to ensure individual student progress across the curriculum.

The Assessment department is responsible for the administration of local and state assessments. Locally scored and posted in real time, the results of our local assessments are used by our teachers and administrators to accomplish the following objectives via Professional Learning Communities (PLCs):

– Immediate feedback to teachers, administrators, and students.
– Understanding, planning and effective implementation of Differentiated instruction.
– Determine progress of special groups such as English Learners (ELs) and Special Education (SpEd).
– Planning instructional next steps utilizing data via multiple measures.
– Identify district-wide academic strengths and weaknesses.
– Inform parents about their child’s academic progress.
– Plan professional development.
– Brainstorm solutions for at-risk students and gifted students.

For specific information on state tests, you can also visit the 2017-18 California Assessment System webpage.

For a better understanding of the assessments administered at your child's school, please contact the student's teacher or set up a meeting with the site principal.  Academic counselors can also assist you at DHS.  Community members and other interested individuals can contact Juan Garcia, Coordinator of English Language Development and Assessment at 209-656-2000 or via email at

Accessing Student Scores:
California Department of Education (CDE) Website on CAASPP - State, District & Site Level:
2016 - 2017 results for ELA and Math:
2015 - 2016 results for ELA, Math and Science:
2014 - 2015 results for ELA, Math and Science:
SBAC 2017 Resources
This page has information related to DUSD 2017 SBAC preparation, schedules, support, and more.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Blueprints (2015-2016)

SBAC Achievement Level Descriptors (2015-2016)

SBAC Scale Score Ranges  (2015-2016)


SBAC Claims, Targets & Standards

The Riverside County Office of Education created guides to help educators better understand the content for grades 3-8 and high school. The English-language Arts and Mathematics guides for each grade level provide information on claims, targets, and standards; they also share information on the types of questions and depth of knowledge that will be assessed by the SBAC tests.

English-language Arts