Delhi Unified held its 3rd Future Chef Competition (Elementary Division) on Monday January 27, 2020 at the Delhi Educational Park. Eight Chefs competed from Delhi's 3 elementary schools. Top honors went to Schendel 5th grader Chef Juliana Ochoa with her Ochoa Chicken Tenders, second place winner was Schendel 5th grader Chef John Jarvi cooking Pad See Ew, third place went to Chef Mia Garcia, an El Capitan 6th grader with her dish Enchiladas al horno de pollo.

Other contestants were: Chef Cesar Ponce of El Capitan cooking Fettuccine Alfredo, Chef Fernando Rocha of Harmony with The Ferni Sub, Chef Emanuel Martinez of Harmony with Lil Eazza, Chef Kevin Gonzalez of Harmony cooking Quesadilla al estilo mexicano, and Chef Alexa Reyes of Harmony with Mexican Nachos. 

The competition was hosted by Joseph Tenorio, Food Service Director and DJ Susana Torres. The event was judged by Delhi High School ASB President Ariana Salazar, Alberto Verduzco Delhi Middle School Principal, Cristian Miley High School Assistant Principal, and Jay Serratore Assistant Superintendent. The event was support by five Chefs from Sodexo which has provided consulting to the Delhi food service department for over 10 years.

Congratulations to all eight Delhi Chefs, winners all!