Person in a mask showing a temperature watch

How cool is this? We have stated that we are continuing to add layers of protection for our students and staff, and we are pretty excited about our newest addition!

Next week we will be receiving a large shipment of the watches pictured here. Why should you care? Well, every student on campus will be receiving one of these and will be expected to wear it while on campus. This watch checks your temperature every 15 minutes, and if it is within normal limits, a green thermometer will be continuously displayed on the screen (as seen in the picture below). If the temperature elevates, the color will turn to orange at 99.6° and then to red at 100.4°. This is going to let us be able to check temperatures frequently with less contact and let us identify fevers much more rapidly. The watch also shows the time and battery life.

Our goal, in addition to more readily identifying fevers, is to minimize social gathering while waiting for temperatures to be checked, and also to speed up the check-in process.

If you have any other suggestions as to how we can add even more layers of protection, please share those ideas with us. We are considering all options and we love to hear your feedback!

(Per safety guidelines, the watch is recommended for ages 10 and up, but we have purchased these for all of our students and will allow all ages to wear one with parental permission. These devices have no tracking abilities.)

Remember, stay safe to protect yourself and those around you!

Thank you.