Delhi Connect HAWKS!

Delhi High School will CONNECT students to daily, ongoing SUPPORT.

Every day, any student can come to CONNECT where you will be CONNECTed to tutors and support after school. CONNECT will be  3:10 to 4:10 M T Th F and 2:10 to 4:10 on W. Students in CONNECT will check into the library where you can enroll into the After School Program and be provided support. When complete with academic activities, students will be provided opportunity to engage in enrichment activities like barista club, drivers' ed, gardening, cosmetology game room, cooking, and more. Students will also be provided a snack.

If assigned to CONNECT Support:


  • sign in at library Monday through Friday of the week assigned
  • complete academic activities: assigned coursework, test preparation, error analysis, visit teachers
  • check in and out with after school staff