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Delhi High School will CONNECT students to daily, on going SUPPORT.

Every Friday, any student earning a D or F in his or her Aeries gradebook will be assigned to one week (5 days) of CONNECT. CONNECT will be after school SUPPORT from 3:10 to 4:10 daily. Students assigned to CONNECT will check into the library where they will sign in to After School Program and be provided SUPPORT. When complete with academic activities, students will be provided opportunity to engage in enrichment activities: weight room, game room, cooking. Students will also be provided a snack.

If assigned to CONNECT Support:


  • sign in at library Monday through Friday of the week assigned
  • complete academic activities: assigned coursework, test preparation, error analysis, visit teachers
  • complete check out form on CONNECT website detailing activities completed during their time

IF STUDENTS choose to not attend CONNECT they will be provided support during their lunch time. Athletics games/practices do not preclude CONNECT support time. Student athletes will NOT be permitted to leave CONNECT time.