Dual Language Academy

DUSD is proud to provide a successful Dual Language Immersion (DLI), also known as a Two-Way Immersion (TWI) located at Harmony Elementary School and Delhi Middle School!

2016 CAASPP SBAC RESULTS for Merced and Stanislaus County Dual Immersion Schools

SchoolHarmony ElementaryElim ElementaryOsborn Two-Way Immersion AcademyCampus Park ElementarySelma Herndon ElementaryYamato Colony ElementaryRiverbank Language AcademyGrayson Charter

The Dual Language Academy (DLA) is based on a DLI structured 80:20 model where the target language (Spanish) is the language of instruction during 80% of the school day for Kindergarten, and English is utilized during 20% of the day with a leveling of the languages as students move up the grades; whereas, by 4th grade, both languages are 50:50. Please see the EL Master Plan<insert doc here> for specifics per grade level.

DLI is a top of the line model designed to produce students who are Bilingual, Biliterate, Bicultural and Bicognitive in both languages of instruction, serving both subgroups (EOs and ELs), whereas EOs learn a second language while performing at or typically higher levels in English than other EOs who are only taught via monolingual instruction; and ELs will far exceed Structured English Instruction (SEI) provided in English as they reclassify sooner, having fully acquired English (L2) and enhanced their native language (L1).

Although this model is the best one in allowing ELs to acquire both English language proficiency and academic mastery, it was also chosen because it is the best model to ensure English Only students have the best opportunity at true bilingualism by providing a greater amount of Spanish at first, primarily due to English being utilized so heavily throughout the school system, the community and at home. Yes, it is OK if EO parents don't know Spanish; and although the program will challenge your child, the benefits of bilingualism will far exceed your expectations. Find out more at California Department of Education TWI Language Immersion Program Resources<insert doc here>.

In order for this program to work, two groups of students make up what would be a 50-50 (30-70 also works) ratio of those that speak English Only (EOs) and those that speak the target language (Spanish); who are also usually considered English Learners (ELs). See English Learner (EL) Programs and Services for more information regarding ELs.

Parents with students attending other districts are welcome to apply. For more information, please contact the ELD Programs Department at DUSD by calling 209-656-2000. Research shows that, on average, students who learn a second language before they reach their middle school years will speak both their mother tongue and the foreign language fluently.

For further information, please see the following TK-K DLA Criteria<insert doc here> and/or visit your designated school.

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