Flor Navarro, MA-Academic Counselor

Bachelors in Psychology - CSU Stanislaus
PPS & Administrative Credential - CSU Stanislaus

Began working at Delhi High through Merced County Office of Education in
the Migrant Program from 1999-2006 as a Migrant Counselor

Began working at Delhi High in the Delhi Unified School District
beginning 2006 - current as an Academic Counselor

I feel and appreciate that we are all different and unique so that's
what steered me into counseling. Every student responds differently to
situations whether they be academic, social, mental, or academic and I am
here to help them succeed in any given circumstance. To "change" is: -
to make diversity, to give a different situation, course, or direction, to
undergo transformation or transition ... these are what our students
undergo during adolescence and I'm here to ease that growth.

Here at DHS, we walk our students through every step necessary to be
successful throughout high school and beyond. Workshops are constantly
provided depending on the need of the students or pertaining to their
grade level.

Estela Ramos, MA-Academic Counselor

Bachelors in Social Science – Chapman University
Masters in Counseling- Chapman University/ PPS Counseling Credential
Administrative Credential- CSU Stanislaus

Employed as a High School Counselor from 2002 until present

Counselors are an essential part of today's educational system. Our role serves to nurture the proper emotional, social, academic, and career growth of students. In order to make certain that the students of today become the well-rounded adults of tomorrow and thus become successful during their Post-Secondary school years.

It is imperative that we are present so that they may identify and address needs that students may have, hence eliminating stumbling blocks and promoting students' academic achievement.