Student Parking Permit

If your son or daughter will be driving to school, they must obtain a parking permit from the Front Office.

Parking Regulations

Senior, junior, and sophomore students are extended the privilege of driving to Delhi High School.

1. Any vehicle driven to school by a DHS student, whether parked in a campus lot, or on the street, must be registered with the school and must display the current parking permit on the lower left corner of the FRONT windshield (driver side).

2. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis. Students are permitted to park in the following areas:

  • West campus lot (designated senior and carpool parking only) in unmarked spaces

3. Students will be required to move their vehicle if parked anywhere except the above location and may be assigned a Saturday detention if the action is repeated

4. Vehicles parked in lots must be parked between the white lines.

5. The school is not responsible for the vehicle or its contents. Students should make every effort to hide from view any valuables left inside their vehicles.

6. All students must be licensed and covered by insurance. Students are expected to comply with the DMV first-year driving restrictions with regard to transporting other students.

8. There will be no speeding over 5 m.p.h. or any form of reckless driving on school grounds. There will be no speeding or reckless driving coming to or from the DHS events.

9. When violations of these regulations occur, consequences can include suspension of driving privileges, towing of the vehicle, and/or being placed on Disciplinary Monitoring.

10. Student vehicles are subject to search by an administrator when there is reasonable suspicion that dangerous, stolen, or illegal goods may be present. A student's refusal to cooperate with such an examination may be considered a sufficient reason to involve law enforcement.

11. Loitering in or around student vehicles, including before and after school, is not permitted. Because of the closed campus, students are not allowed to go to their vehicles until after 3:00 pm without permission from the Front Office, and only then for emergencies.

12. Students are not allowed to leave their vehicles parked on campus (North or West lots) overnight unless they have specific approval from the Front Office or in the case of school-sponsored events such as retreats or athletic contests.