Curriculum Help

Please contact the following Curriculum Support staff for:
  1. Teacher and Student Log-ins for digital curriculum
    1. ie: New Student, Name Changes, etc...
  2. Curriculum needing to be assigned to teacher

Delhi High and Delhi Middle- the McCandless Library Staff

Schendel Elementary - Sylvia Placencia or Bianca Valencia

El Capitan Elementary - Sandra Rodriguez

Harmony Elementary - Maria Hernandez

Please contact Curriculum Publisher Support for:

1. Password reset and recovery

2. Website issues

1. ie: Broken links, submission errors

3. Creating Assessments/Assignments, etc...

Pearson's Realize - Pearson's Technical Support Ticket

Benchmark - techsupport@benchmarkeducation.com

HMH Go Math (7th-8th MATH) / Integrated Math (I, II, III 9th-11th MATH)) - techsupport@hmhco.com or HMH Technical Support Ticket

Think Central - techsupport@hmhco.com or HMH Technical Support Ticket

Contact the Delhi IT Department with a Kayako Support Ticket

1. All Other Technology Support Needs.

Curriculum Account Creation Process:

1. Benchmark Universe - Students/Teachers made automatically by Clever sync, Admin accounts created manually by IT

2. Think Central/Go Math! (K-6th)/HMH - Accounts can be made manually by an Admin or IT

3. Pearson Realize - Accounts made manually by an Admin (Library Staff), IT currently has no access to it

4. Renaissance for AR/STAR - Students/Teachers made manually by Library staff or IT for Admin accounts

5. Acellus - Accounts made manually by Admin

6. Illuminate - Students/Teachers made automatically by nightly sync, Admin accounts made manually by clerk or IT