The Board has established a Wellness Committee to monitor and review compliance with Board Policy 5030 on Student Wellness. The Wellness Committee will to the extent possible include parents, representatives of the school food services, members of the school board, school administrators, teachers, health professionals, and members of the public. 

Individual schools have School Site Councils whose responsibilities include acting as an ad hoc School Health Council to develop, implement, monitor, review, and as necessary, propose revisions to school nutrition and physical activity policies.

Wellness Committee Members

  • Joseph Tenorio, Chairman, Director of Food Services

  • Jay Serratore, Superintendent

  • Yesenia Barrera,  Delhi Parent

  • Susanna Porsche, Teacher Delhi High School

  • Patricia Marsh, District Nurse Delhi Unified School District

  • Natalie Alaro-Perez, Merced County Department of Health

  • Sandra Sanchez, Sodexo Food Service Consultant