Our district is dedicated to closing the achievement gap for all students and our objective is to provide our English Learners with outstanding ongoing support through a cycle of instruction, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation. To ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, annual training and review are provided on the Master Plan for English Learners for district and site staff, and direct support is delivered to each school site.

All district staff is accountable for ensuring that programs for English Learners are optimally effective and we are all expected to follow the procedures specified in this plan.

Eight Goals for English Learner Programs

1. Monitor Implementation of Master Plan for English Learners;

2. Ensure that all English Learners access and master the English language;

3. Ensure that all English Learners access and master the core curriculum;

4. Decrease the risk of failure, retention, and drop-outs;

5. Promote bi-literacy in the Dual Language Academy;

6. Encourage Parent Participation and Engagement in his/her Child’s Academic Plans;

7. Increase EL participation in advanced academic programs and enrichment opportunities;

8. Engage English Learners in meaningful cultural, social, and academic activities.

Our continued evaluation of our English Learning programs includes:

1. Determining to what extent English learners are learning English and achieving the district and state academic standards;

2. Determining the effectiveness of programs and services for English learners;

3. Determining the extent to which English Learners have equitable access to district programs and services, including pathways to higher education;

4. Informing and guiding classroom instruction.