The Delhi Unified School District offers this information to any individual, company, or firm wishing to be added to the District’s general construction informal bid list for all trades pursuant to Public Contract Codes 22032 and 22034 – The California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCA). Interested parties must submit the CUPCCA contractor/vendor application to be included.

Qualified contractors submitting proper documentation will be included in the Delhi Unified School District informal bid construction list for the calendar year. The CUPCCA program covers informal bids on construction and/or maintenance projects of $200,000 or less for all construction trades. Please be advised that this does not automatically guarantee that you will be informed of, or included in all RFQ, RFP or bid requests as notices will be sent out for the category of work being bid. The District may also announce project opportunities in designated trade journals. The Delhi Unified School District Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any and all requests solicited, to waive minor irregularities, and make such decisions as deemed necessary in the best interest of the District.

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