Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Technology Committee Members

(Term Expires June xxxx)

Adolfo Melara, Superintendent & Educational Services 

Amy Colnic, TK-2 Teacher (2021)

Bob Dunnicliff, G 3-4 Teacher (2020)

Michelle Machado, G 5-6 Teacher (2020)

Kelly Martino, G 7-8 Teacher (2020)

Toward Tremble, G 9-12 Teacher (2020)

Erika Pilcher, Alternative Ed Teacher (2021)

Rubith Isiordia, DLA TK-6 Teacher (2021)

Maria Cuevas, DLA 7-12 Teacher (2021)

Aaron Abril, Special Education Teacher (2021)

Christine Avila, DTA President (N/A)

Elizabeth Valdez, DTA Representative (2020)

Jessica Reed, DTA Representative (2020)

Travis Manely, Elementary Principal (2021)

Alberto Verduzco, Secondary Principal (2021)

Juan Garcia, Coordinator ELD & Assessments (N/A)

Joseph Magnu, Coordinator Special Programs & Student Services (N/A)

Liz Rojas, TOSA Curriculum and Instruction (N/A)

Rosa Gonzalez, TOSA District Math Academic Coach (N/A)

Charleen King, TOSA Early Education (N/A)

The term for Elected/Appointed positions are 2 years. Elections will take place at the start of each new school year when necessary.

Grade span teachers not appointed by the DTA president shall be selected by their grade span peers districtwide through a ballot process.

The TK-6 principal and the 7-12 grade principal shall be appointed by the Superintendent's Cabinet every two years or at the Superintendent's Cabinet's discretion. Appointment will be made by August of the new school year or within two weeks of a TK-6 or 7-12 principals' vacating the position. The Superintendent's Cabinet has the discretion of requesting resignations and making re-appointments at any time during the school year.