Transportation Information

  1. Does my student qualify for transportation?
    In accordance with Board Policy BP 3540 and AR 3541,

- Students in Kindergarten who live beyond one quarter (1/4) mile from their home school.
- Students in Elementary school who live beyond one (1) mile from their home school.
- Students in middle school who live beyond one (1) mile from their home school.
- Students in high school who live beyond two (2) miles from their home school.

2. Will an elementary school student be dropped off at the bus stop if no adult is present to receive the student?
Only transitional kinder and kindergarten students are required to have a designated person at least 13 years of age at the bus stop to receive them.

Students grades 1 through 12 do not need to have a designated person to receive them at the bus stop (Unless stipulated by IEP).

3. What happens if there is no one to receive a kindergarten student at the bus stop?
An attempt will be made to return the student to his / her attending school. However, if that is not possible, school police will be called to receive custody of student. It will then be the parent’s responsibility to pick up the student(s) accordingly.

4. Are school buses safe?
All school buses within Delhi Unified must be certified by the California Highway Patrol. Additionally, the terminal is inspected annually to ensure the buses are maintained according to state-established standards and an approved, documented maintenance program is in place.

5. My child left their jacket on the bus, how can I get it back?
Personal items brought on board the bus are the sole responsibility of the student. The bus driver is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Items found on the school bus will be returned to Delhi Unified bus yard. Lost and found items will only be stored for 30 days. To retrieve or inquire on lost items, contact the Transportation Office at (209) 668-6140.

6. If I have a complaint about a bus driver or the busing service who can I speak with?
The Transportation Department would like to hear from you. If you have a complaint, compliment, question or would like to report an incident call the Transportation Office at (209) 668-6140.